City of College Station Proclamation

The City of College Station has issued a proclamation recognizing the establishment of the College Station Parks Foundation. The proclamation underscores the integral role that parks and recreation programs play in enriching communities, promoting active lifestyles, and contributing to the overall well-being of citizens. Acknowledging the value of parks and recreation in enhancing the quality of life, economic prosperity, and environmental beauty, the proclamation emphasizes the significance of these initiatives.

The College Station Parks Foundation, a private non-profit corporation, was formed with the intent to support the enhancement of parks and recreation in the city. The foundation’s mission aligns with the city’s commitment to providing diverse recreational opportunities for all ages across its 56 developed parks. The proclamation, signed by Dennis Maloney, Mayor Pro Tem of the City of College Station, signifies the city’s gratitude and support for the Foundation’s efforts in fostering healthy, active, and connected communities.

Through this official recognition, the City of College Station highlights the pivotal role that the College Station Parks Foundation plays in nurturing community engagement, well-being, and ecological preservation. The proclamation serves as a testament to the shared vision between the city and the Foundation, further solidifying their commitment to enhancing the recreational fabric of College Station.

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